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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Version 1.1 Released

2010-06-25 07:30:52 by explodingRabbit

I released version 1.1 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover on my new website. You can play it at http://supermariobroscrossover.com/. I hope you enjoy all the new features, although I know everyone is most excited about playing as Ryu.


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2010-06-25 07:46:57

You rock.


2010-06-25 07:47:24

Amazing stuff. I'm really looking forward to whatever else you've got planned.


2010-06-25 07:59:06

Put it on Newgrounds.


2010-06-25 08:35:29

Amazing! You should upload it on Newgrounds, now!


2010-06-25 08:58:17

do you think that you gonna be on tank awards? good luck ;)


2010-06-25 09:27:01

Just when I thought the game couldn't get any more epic...


2010-06-25 09:32:17

I'm kinda dissapointed with 1.1 so far. It feels like a brand new game. Guess I have to get used to the new Megaman without high jumps and infinite slides. Samus' suits are switched- caused some confusion. Some music is remixed- nice, but can confusing as well. I spent the last few weeks playing Ninja Gaiden 1 for the first time ever just to practice his controls, therefore Ryu is easy to control but his attacks do nothing.

Though I love the new Link. Bill didn't change which is nice. Difficulty select is amazing. Don't know how to activate cheats yet, but I think they'll be awesome

Overall meh, good additions but very different from the original. Thank you for keeping he original in the portal


2010-06-25 09:44:55

I appreaciate the effort though. You did a great job so far. Hope to see more from you!


2010-06-25 10:39:53

Wait...... is this the version that you said you were going to make everything more difficult and keep the better one for yourself? >:(

Yes I watched the Youtube video of you playing it


2010-06-25 11:04:05

Are the controls f-ed up for anybody else? (Up is Right Right is Left, X is Down?)


2010-06-25 11:37:51



2010-06-25 12:12:09

It's cool. Are you going to release it on Newgrounds also, or are you flying solo nowadays?


2010-06-25 12:57:07

when will you release it on newgrounds, or is it already there?


2010-06-25 13:00:20

Make one with Pikachu


2010-06-25 13:04:50

Love dis game. Also, great upgrade!


2010-06-25 14:53:34

pff, about time.


2010-06-25 15:17:17

It's awesome. I love that you can disable the timer and Ryu must be the best character.
To beat level 1-1 quickly, crouch on 4th or 5th pipe, dun remember XD


2010-06-25 17:24:53

This may be a great game, but a few flaws prevent it from becoming a masterpiece.
1. Lack of character balance: having to hit a normal enemy three times is a bit tedious with the other characters (especially those with short-range attacks).
2. Tends to lag in certain areas, usually when there are more than three characters on the playing field. The ability to switch graphic quality would be nice for those on slow/outdated computers.
3. The music you chose for Mega Man's overworld parts was unfitting. You sshould use aanactual stage theme instead of the MM3 intro song..


2010-06-25 17:33:25

I loved the game. You made a lot of things better. Principally the jumps of Simon, cause in the last version he jumped just like in castlevania, which means he was jumping foward and you couldn't control his jump, but now his jumps are way more better. Making him one of most useful characters and the best of them.

Ryu is a nice touch, he is awesome, and specially the windmill shuriken that is just awesome.

But the jumps of Billy are still like the Simon jumps in the last version, which makes difficult to play the game where you basically jump.

Overall, great game. Keep like that.


2010-06-25 19:56:30

please update it to newgrounds also i love the gamepad feature


2010-06-25 22:56:43

I say, add some few more characters, some other perks, and THEN show it in Newgrounds. It's looking good, but you can make it even better, you have potential for this.


2010-06-26 22:53:48

He's not going to add SAWNIK DER HEGEHAWG because none of his games were on the NES


2010-06-27 05:20:46

To easily kill spike dropers, use bill when he has fireflower XD


2010-06-27 16:46:45

I crave more Exploding rabbit. its my new heroine :)


2010-06-27 21:28:10

Thank you some one who understands that fking sonice the hedcchog was not a Nintendo character and frankly the game would suck with him in it

I would play this version but my norton 360 has a ? next to the site's security which makes me feel unsafe to enter it i wanna play it so bad plz make your site more secure or release on newgrounds :(


2010-06-28 18:02:21

I have a fast question, Do you think the guy from Splatterhouse would get a place in this game? :)


2010-06-29 06:41:07

Just tried out cheats. They are great- they add to the replay value


2010-06-29 18:52:50

For version 1.1, here's a character chart. Here's the system: There are 3 traits: Jumping, Attack skills, and control. Each catagory is 1 star to 5 stars. There are also unique traits I may also talk about. Let's start with Ryu. Ryu: From: Ninja Gaiden. It's pronounced guy-den, not gay-den. Unique traits: Can climb on walls. Jumping: ****. It may be not that high, but his wall climbing abilities make up for it. Good control, also. Attack skills: ****1/2. His main weapon is short range, except for when he has firepower, but his shriunkin attack is pretty sweet. When he has a powerup, you can hold x, and he will throw a whatever-the-heck that thingy is. Control: *****. Pretty good. He may not be able to jump that high, but, as I said earlier, the wall climbing helps. Mario: From: Super Mario Bros. Special abilities: None. Jumping: ****1/2. He can jump pretty good. Attack skills: *1/2. He can just jump, except when he has firepower, and then he can shoot fireballs. Control: ***. He is a little slippery, but other than that, nothing at all. Samus: Jumping: *****. She can jump pretty good, and also has excellent control. Attack: *****. She has a good range. Control: *****. She has excellent control. Bill R.: From: Contra. Special Abilities: None. Control: ****. He's good, but his jumping is kinda slippery. Attack: *****. His gun pwns, especially if he has firepower. WHAT A WIDE RANGE! Jumping: **1/2. Like said. earlier, he has slippery jumping. Megaman: From: Megaman. Jumping: *. He has good jumping control, but the hight he can jump is pathetic. Attack: **** Pretty good. He can hold the attack button to charge a big attack when he has a powerup. Control: ***. Jumping is horrible. Link: From: Legend of Zelda. Jumping: *****. About as good as Mario's jumping, but he has less slippery controls. Attack: ***1/2. He is short-range, except when he has firepower. The boomerang stuns, but it's about useless. His downward jab comes in handy when a mushroom comes in. He can make sure it will not get away. Control: *****. Just like Mario, but he can attack, has less slippery controls, and an actual attack. Simon: From: Castlevania. Jumping: ****. Drastically improved from the last version. Attack: ****. His whip has a longer range than Link's sword. He can also throw axes, and the speed of the axe throwing depends on the power-up he has currently, but the axes fly in an arc. Control: *****. Pretty good.


2010-06-30 13:04:31

Ryu: Awsome he's pretty cheap though like he has one hit k.o's with the shuriken and his sword is longer than links. Shuriken is better than Samus' and Bill's and Megaman's bullets. Also he can climb walls. Still fun game though.


2010-07-02 14:33:05

It would be nice if the game had medals. :D


2010-07-04 01:53:48

Great game :)


2010-07-05 21:18:38

i just played it and...


2010-07-06 16:12:46

PUT IT ON NEWGROUNDS OR FACE MARIO'S WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-07-08 15:06:48

You REAALLLY had to decrease megamans jump...he was perfectly fine without needing to press c each time u need over a pipe


2010-07-11 13:51:04

Hey... I'd love to play the new game but it doesn't work. It starts loading and once it reaches 100% it just goes completely white and never comes back! When are you getting it on newgrounds.com?


2010-07-12 17:02:48

cool I'll check it out


2010-07-14 06:03:12

hey guys did you know that this has been featured on screwattack LOOK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdhKc9 iswEw&playnext_from=TL&videos =jPL2RCwJqCs&feature=sub


2010-07-21 18:20:47

Can you add the Red power ranger from that Nes game?


2010-07-29 21:43:07

Cool game! Oh and IF your going to make ver. 1.2 or 2.0, may I make a suggestion for characters? Maybe you could add Pit from kid Icarus or Kirby. Hey you could even put in the Ice Climbers. But this was only a suggestion. Anyway the game is really fun and I can't stop plating it.


2010-07-30 04:21:45

Seriously the best game ever, love version with ryu although when he climbs up the stair cases he sticks to the walls which makes it hard to avoid enemies sometimes.. could be fixed... other than that the entire game is amazing, love it!


2010-08-05 14:01:37

i went on the website and it wont work i think its because i have a mac. upload this version on newgrounds and label Super Mario Crossover 1.1


2010-08-08 08:21:41

i t would be cool if yoshi were in the next version


2010-08-12 16:16:28

i just have one problem magaman jumper lowering made it impossible for megaman to jump over a tube in world 1-1 :( please higher it by a little.
the jump not the tube lol :D


2010-08-13 11:20:54

Dude, your awesome. You should add Red Mage and Kirby


2010-08-22 02:26:55



2010-08-25 05:01:54

non-stop =)))))))))))))))


2010-10-10 09:52:10

Everybody is talking to upload it to NG, but he released the first version to many sites and then made a new version only to his' own site. The thousands of people of every site, totalizing millions, went to play the new version on his' site. Doing it he could sponsor many things and earn some good money. did everybody get the idea of why he do not uploaded to the others sites? He will only put on those sites when he finish the new version. If he will put it someday


2010-11-07 12:53:00

its easyer to play as simon belmont


2010-11-11 21:36:09

Dude you are the BOMB!!!