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Just Some Updates

2010-05-03 19:17:16 by explodingRabbit

Hello. I just wanted to tell people a few things. The best way to communicate with me about the game is to use the Exploding Rabbit Facebook page. It's located at http://www.facebook.com/ExplodingRabbi t. It has a discussion board where you can post bug reports, feature requests, and the like. Also, I will probably be giving the game it's own website in a little while. I'll probably do that on my next update. I still haven't heard anything from Nintendo, so I'm just gonna keep on updating the game and adding stuff. I really thought they would have contacted me by now.

So if you want something to get in the game, be sure to mention it on that Facebook page. I already know a lot of the updates I'll be doing, but it doesn't hurt to get more ideas.



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2010-05-03 19:26:03

What were you expecting Nintendo to contact you about?

explodingRabbit responds:

A cease and desist notice


2010-05-03 19:30:26

I would be so STOKED if you took this same concept of Super Mario Crossover...

And did it with a variety of other titles.

That or Super Mario World crossover. The 32 bit version. Not all the stages of course, but like one world at a time.

The funny things is....everyone talks about this idea of crossovers but rarely you see it happening.

You've successfully pulled it off man! I thank you for all my love of classic gaming.


2010-05-04 19:13:34

In #2 can you put Pit from Kid Icarus in it.


2010-05-05 09:55:12

Sonic the Hedgehog!
Or...Ness! Put in Ness!
NessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessN essNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNe ssNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNes sNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNess NessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessN ess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-05-06 20:08:03

Are you making a Mario Cross Over 2?
if you are put in Sonic.that would be awsome.


2010-05-07 00:39:55

Maybe you could also put Master Chief in while you're at it.


2010-05-07 11:33:40

How's the tutorial doing ?

I really wanna know how to make a game like that :D

explodingRabbit responds:

I started doing video commentaries. Check my website. More to come.


2010-05-07 19:02:01

You were featured on attack of the show.


2010-05-08 03:51:36

Hey dude,Traveler from HouseHoldHacker has mentioned your game,and he thinks it is awsome,just like me

P.S. What if you make this game in 16-bit Mario world ?


2010-05-09 16:57:39

Haha discussion BORED. not board


2010-05-09 21:24:36

What do you plan to put in the next SMC update?
More characters?Which ones?


2010-05-11 16:13:24

no master cheif. 1: He is not nintindo. 2: He doesent have 8 bit music or upgrades.


2010-05-12 15:47:35

Hey, first of all, I would like to mention that you made an excellent game.
The bug(s) I would like to report now:
Sometimes when you go to a level, the floor isn't there and your character dies.
Anyways, good luck with all your doings and what not.


2010-05-13 18:15:56



2010-05-13 22:22:38

Since Sonic is now property of Nintendo, you should put him in there as an update, or if you do another Super Mario Bros Crossover. Like JakBaronKing said, I recommend Super Mario World. Maybe put this in your upgrades: Feather- ability to fly. Star- Super Sonic. Flower- Fire Sonic. Those upgrades would be cool. Or maybe Shadow in place of Sonic. Your call.


2010-05-14 21:42:58

Good job, man. You should do a DOOM Crossover with Halo(just a idea under consruction.). I'll be on your website now.


2010-05-17 19:06:20

Why did you change megaman's music? The theme from megaman 2 was way more badass than megaman 3. Megaman was my favourite character until I went to play him and his music was changed. :*( -sad face


2010-05-19 02:20:09

congrats on the huge success of mario cross over


2010-05-20 19:36:02

You game Rulez


2010-05-23 17:17:09

I don't have Super Crossover Bros. 3 to choose characters like Super Mario Crossover. I had PacMan,Super Mario Bros Mario,Super Mario Bros 3 Mario, and Sonic. I'f you use a Team fight, you unlocked Mega man! :D


2010-05-25 16:34:21

Dude I love this game, and I can't wait for version 1.1. Oh, and DON'T put Sonic in the game, that's blasphemous! But I would love to see the kung fu guy, bomberman, or even a battletoad! That'd be sweet