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I am Amazed at the success of Super Mario Bros Crossover

2010-04-28 16:54:56 by explodingRabbit

Jesus Christ! I just made this game for fun and didn't expect it to be so popular. People are putting it all over the Internet. It is strange that other people are making money off of my non-profit fan game. For the record, Newgrounds was the website the game debuted on and is the only website that I will update with bug fixes.The only official website for the game is exploding-rabbit.com. Anything else is not my doing. People are free to put the game wherever they want, although I'd rather they not just do it to make money off of their own ads.

I appreciate all of the awesome feedback but I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything and can't get back to everyone. I will do bug fixes periodically, but please understand that it is incredibly difficult to get a game this massive to be perfect, especially when I did everything myself.

And for the record, my name is Jay Pavlina, I'm the creator of the game, and I love you all for playing it. Thank you so much for everything. Just keep playing and having fun. If you want to stay updated on my work and the game, including possible expanded versions or sequels, you can go to my website. Thank you. I am so happy you all are playing and enjoying it. :)


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2010-04-28 16:55:59



2010-04-28 16:58:37

I found this game quite fun.
I congratulate you for your great effort and work. GOOD JOB!
Today, when I logged on to Newgrounds, I wasn't surprised when I saw this game in "Today's Best" and "Games of the Week".

Great job, keep up the good work.


2010-04-28 17:11:29

Nice work! Its a great game


2010-04-28 17:18:18

It was great man, give yourself a pat on the back.
You deserve it.


2010-04-28 17:44:50

It's an ingenuitive and fun to play game! Kudos!


2010-04-28 17:53:34

I think this game is awesome. Keep it up.


2010-04-28 17:57:05

Congratulations on your success! I'm a small-time java programmer, and I could only wish my games were this popular x3


2010-04-28 18:39:03

Mate, you're bound to get recognized with that game. This is BIG.


2010-04-28 19:15:23

Congrats on mashing all of my childhood memories into one ridiculously awesome flash game. It brings a tear to this old NES player's eyes.


2010-04-28 19:33:01

I'm glad I was one of the first to play and review this. I'm also glad I got a response since I knew you would be overwhelmed with popularity and I'd probably never get another chance.

So far you're 1-for-1 with your flashes. Your first being a smash hit and gaining a cult following that will follow your every move in your flash career. No pressure for your second entry. No pressure at all!


2010-04-28 20:02:09

It's insane that someone's first game becomes this popular. But it's a great idea for a game, just excellent!
It's really bizarre that someone actually made that website with your game.
But I'm glad because... I got a chance to download it :3


2010-04-28 21:19:08

You, my friend, have single handedly made the greatest game ever to grace the internet. Not only have you recreated the entire game (EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, ALL WARP ZONES INTACT) of Super Mario Bros, with near-perfect sound, graphics and controls, you have added not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE NEW CHARACTERS. You have made the characters fit perfectly into this classic game, with their music, sound effects, weapons, abilities, etc. Not only this, but rather than using cookies, we may save a copy of the save file to our hard drive, never to be lost.

Is there anyway I can download this game and play it on my desktop, in full screen? Not only is it, hands down, the greatest game on the internet, but it is one of the greatest games ever made.


2010-04-28 22:04:44

You made a really cool game! All my friends at collage are playing it since this afternoon. We haven't been able to beat the game yet haha, we will keep trying.

Also I would recommend adding some Medals for the Newgrounds version, and maybe different endings for each character, also secret characters.

Thank you for giving us an excellent game.


2010-04-28 23:31:18

Just take it, it's yours now. We'll leave the keys in the ignition. Just be kind with your newly won internet.


2010-04-29 01:50:32

You did it, you're an internet hero now.

Seriously though, great work on the game. I wrote a long review where I practically come onto you, but it goes into greater detail.

I hope you keep on posting games.


2010-04-29 02:02:26

I swear dude, this is waay better than the actual game. You should do other classic games like sonic or something with characters like Snake or something! But besides that keep up the good work dude!


2010-04-29 02:10:27

I made a "Godhand edit' about this game: http://mothwentbad.livejournal.com/39 2047.html

(The "Godhand meme" - Google it if you're not familiar. There's an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry about it, too.)

At first I figured it would just be another sprite swap, but then it turned out that you actually programmed characters with genuine differences in play style, which is great. Good job. You can definitely put this on your resume.


2010-04-29 13:08:27

"This is my first game, and I have worked on it for over a year." is like the best sentence in the world


2010-04-29 16:08:43

Dude, AMAZING game!


2010-04-29 17:20:18

Congrats on your new internet success. Now make the most of it.


2010-04-29 17:44:41

Dont worry, You AWFULLY...merit that success that you got from Super mario Bros crossover :D But i do think BILL was overpowered. Thats what makes him awesome :D Great job XD


2010-04-29 21:31:59

Amazing game dude, a perfect recreation of the classic mario brothers game and you gave us 5 classic characters to fool around with. I think the thing that really clinched the game for me was the music. I expected the mario theme but to my surprise, every character had their themes. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and I died several times on water levels, underground levels and boss levels just so i could hear each characters different music. This is an epic win game and I hope to christ you do another one featuring super nintendo characters.

Amazing job, I'm glad that you decided to keep this free so everyone can play it but I feel bad for you at the same time because you spent a year on it and I know you could get this in the xbox live arcade, wii ware or something along those lines. Fantastic job once again, good luck with future stuff.


2010-04-30 12:02:26

Looking REALLY forward to the Tutorial you're going to make how to create a Mario Game :D


2010-04-30 13:08:13

gratz on your games success!


2010-04-30 17:24:18

Cant you call these ppl up and complain or something?


2010-04-30 19:09:44

Something I'd like to bring to your attention: It seems that when I load a save and the level starts everything is gone and I fall to my doom, thus losing a life. When the level reloads (on my last life no less) it's just fine. Could you maybe look into this? If you need specifics, I was playing as Mega Man and saved at 8-4.


2010-05-01 08:13:46

Awesome game man!
It is the best game I ever played!


2010-05-01 12:10:31

your ass dick


2010-05-01 13:41:14

awesome game


2010-05-01 17:57:44

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful game.
It's ingenuitive, it invokes the nostalgia factor (of the HIGHEST level), and is generally extremely fun.

You deserve all that recognition. Thanks for making dreams a reality, man.


2010-05-01 20:29:09

Your game had an interesting and creative idea and you pulled it off better than most others would have!

And this is your first game, so that makes me anxious to see what comes from you in the future!

Keep making good games!


2010-05-02 02:47:12

You do realize this is #1 on the "Best of the Week", which is along side with "Best of all Time", right? You made an amazing game. It works so well. Yeah yeah, a few bugs here n there, but what game doesn't have em? Grats again, and hopes to you staying up there for a good while.


2010-05-02 12:52:14

Great game! It's historical!


2010-05-02 13:58:42

Dear exploding rabbit,I am proud of you sucsess on Super Mario Crossover,
However some people are complainging about glitches and not so many charecters.Im not complaining becuase i am happy becuase i found a secret shorcut to 4-1 by using the warp zone.but this is a complain somone made.
this is a great game but more power-ups thats what somone said.


2010-05-02 14:29:46

Nice videogame u made!! Ty so much its really funny and cool


2010-05-02 20:31:27

http://knuxandshadowrule.newgrounds.c om/news/post/467532

I made a guide based on your kick-ass game, man.
Plz read and tell me what you think.


2010-05-02 22:19:44

do the same thing ya did for this 8-bit game but for the 16-bit Super Mario World!!! except with the 16-bit counter parts of them all!!!


2010-05-03 09:44:01

When i played this for the first time, I was like: funny game, not very special.
But you get sucked in and you keep on playing!
It's very original and I hope you'll make much more.

thanks man.


2010-05-03 17:28:52

Dude You should Make Crossovers Of all The Nintendo Mario game


2010-05-03 19:20:47

Your detail on the game astounds me link can pull powerups twords him!!!


2010-05-06 15:20:41

Awesome game!
I'm jealous because I'm creating my own NES spoof game about ninja gaiden... (include Ryu from ninja gaiden in your next update! :P )
Mine is gonna play and feel exactly like the nes ninja gaiden game, only with some funny differences...(check my NG page!) I created the action script for the game my self but yours is way better. Did you made it or got it from some where els?

Greetz BEV


2010-05-07 17:46:42

r u going to do sprites or someting like that


2010-05-19 16:55:07

I don't have any games but good job. I love Super Mario Bros Crossover!
I like to make a PacMan one so i need PacMan to put on your game. Unerstand?


2010-05-25 22:41:55

This is kickass i love the ssbb refrence. as far as the game goes (i already posted in the reviews for it) I think that it wasnt the most bugfree game and did have some quirks. It wasn't the best game ive ever played for sure but the idea for it was PHENOMINAL (spell check). but now that your fixing the bugs it's PERFECT. Plus the new character makes this just like outstanding. You should add kid icarus or iceclimber. Who i'd really like to see though is the AMAZING (but somewhat unknown) DANA from Solomon's Key.

PS: Mr exploding rabbit is not going to do Sonic in all probability for two reasons. One: All the characters are from NES games, not Sega
and Two: 16 bit comes in contact poorly, and ugily with an 8 bit environment.


2011-12-04 19:27:16

i like to play the game when i have time. also, you are awesome!!!!!