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We released a trailer and a Steam Greenlight campaign for Glitch Strikers, the spiritual successor to Super Mario Crossover. Please watch the trailer and then vote for it. The first part will be on Steam Early Access this summer.

I released version 1.1 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover on my new website. You can play it at http://supermariobroscrossover.com/. I hope you enjoy all the new features, although I know everyone is most excited about playing as Ryu.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover News - New Character and Other Updates

2010-05-25 07:00:30 by explodingRabbit

I announced a new character for Super Mario Bros Crossover. Watch the trailer to see him in action:

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There are developer commentaries and other videos on my Youtube Profile.
Exploding Rabbit Youtube Channel

Also, there are forums on my website now and a lot of people talk about the game there.
Exploding Rabbit Forums

I'm hoping to have an update to the game out in a few weeks. I'll be launching an official website for the game along with the update.

And so, that's some news for you. If you want to stay updated, it's best to do it through my website, my Facebook Page, or my Twitter Account.

Thanks for your interest in the game.


Just Some Updates

2010-05-03 19:17:16 by explodingRabbit

Hello. I just wanted to tell people a few things. The best way to communicate with me about the game is to use the Exploding Rabbit Facebook page. It's located at http://www.facebook.com/ExplodingRabbi t. It has a discussion board where you can post bug reports, feature requests, and the like. Also, I will probably be giving the game it's own website in a little while. I'll probably do that on my next update. I still haven't heard anything from Nintendo, so I'm just gonna keep on updating the game and adding stuff. I really thought they would have contacted me by now.

So if you want something to get in the game, be sure to mention it on that Facebook page. I already know a lot of the updates I'll be doing, but it doesn't hurt to get more ideas.


Jesus Christ! I just made this game for fun and didn't expect it to be so popular. People are putting it all over the Internet. It is strange that other people are making money off of my non-profit fan game. For the record, Newgrounds was the website the game debuted on and is the only website that I will update with bug fixes.The only official website for the game is exploding-rabbit.com. Anything else is not my doing. People are free to put the game wherever they want, although I'd rather they not just do it to make money off of their own ads.

I appreciate all of the awesome feedback but I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything and can't get back to everyone. I will do bug fixes periodically, but please understand that it is incredibly difficult to get a game this massive to be perfect, especially when I did everything myself.

And for the record, my name is Jay Pavlina, I'm the creator of the game, and I love you all for playing it. Thank you so much for everything. Just keep playing and having fun. If you want to stay updated on my work and the game, including possible expanded versions or sequels, you can go to my website. Thank you. I am so happy you all are playing and enjoying it. :)